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      The «Alfa-Zapchasti» company began its activity in 1998 and now it is one of the leaders on Ukrainian market of truck parts.Our specialization is car parts and joints for home trucks. The car park constantly needs in material-technical supplying. There are a lot of such trucks as MAZ, KAMAZ, KRAZ, GAZ and ZIL and other and they daily go into international and inter-town trips, fields and quarries and on the city streets. All these are technical devices which should not stand because of the lack of the necessary car parts and joints.Nowadays the company has acquired the status of the dealer of the holding company AutoKRAZ, such plants as The Trade House 'Autodiesel' (YaMZ) Plc., Kostroma Plant 'Motordetail' Plc., the official representative of such plants as Mtsensk Aluminium Plc., Autofilter Inc., Cars and Car Parts Plc.. We have maintained reliable partner relations with such Ukrainian producers as Poltava Autoassembly Plant Plc., Autoradiator Plc., Sinelnikov Spring Plant Plc., Kiev Auto-repair plant, Kherson plant of cardan shafts, Kamenets-Podolsk auto-assembly and others.Working with the producing plants and most serious suppliers we offer our Ukraine consumers original car parts and guarantee not only the quality but also stably low prices for joints and assemblies of such cars as MAZ, KAMAZ, KRAZ, ZIL, URAL, GAZ, UAZ.Auto-transport and auto-repair enterprises, intermediary firms situated in almost every city of Ukraine, many big plants and manufactures and agricultural enterprises which have replaced the collective farms — all they form the army of our clients which daily demand car parts and joints, assemblies offered by our firm.The central office of our company is situated in Kharkov. The geography of our deliveries has enlarged due to the opening of the Russian branch (which is situated in Belgorod — Atk-Souz-Belgorod Ltd.) and the stationary storehouse equipped with the mechanic loading and unloading means and all the necessary ways for cargo delivery to the customer. Now Russian customers also acquire all the variety of car parts at our company (also made in Ukraine) which have already passed the certification and customs registration in Russia.
     The main advantages of the working with us:
       - wide range of car parts at the storehouse;
       - car parts supplying for the shortest period of time;
       - selling of certificated car parts and those ones which have already passed customs registration in two countries (in Ukraine and Russia);
       - our prices are lower than at the competitors;
       - discounts for constant and wholesale buyers;
       - different ways of payment (indulgence, partial goods pre-payment, credit against goods, cash payment, payment by written order);
       - delivery by the firm's transport on the territory of Ukraine;
       - all our production has overcome the certification which meets the requirements of State Standards and Technical Conditions of Ukraine;
       - custom registration of the cargo by the abroad delivery;
       - costless consultations of high-qualified specialists according to a wide range of car parts and their usage;
       - guarantee liabilities;
       - giving the information about the firm-partners (plants-producers);
       - we obstacle the falsification to appear on the market which can bring some danger for the clients. And this is a very important part of our work.

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